10 people across the globe who own strange things and it might amaze you

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Published by Isha Kataria on 22 Jan 2019

Our world is full of the most exciting emerging-market economies in recent decades. And with a massive population, there are plenty of unusual things and forces across the world.

Among others, there are 10 weird things that we have noticed. Check out this weirdest stuff from all over the world:

1. Yang-A huge collection of dolls

Jian Yang has a collection of 3000 barbies. And in total, Jian owns 6000 dolls. He has been collecting these dolls for 20 years.

2. Bob and Lizzie Gibbins

Bob and Lizzie Gibbins love taking their dolls to trips and buying clothes for them. The obsession started in 2007 when they purchased doll Beverly for the first time.

3. Barry Chappel – The largest ABC gum-ball

Barry Chappel collecting nicotine chewed gums when he was on an international flight. At that time, Berry did not know where to throw his chewed gum and was twirling it between fingers till it turned into a small ball. From that time, Barry started collecting his chewed gum and created a huge gumball in the world which weighs 175 pounds.

4. Graham Barker – Belly button fluff collection

Berker owns belly button fluff collection in the world. Graham started collecting his own belly button fluff over 28 years ago. He wanted to find out how much fluff a person can produce in his life. Presently, he owns 22 grams of fluff.

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5. Eric Ducharme – Collection of latex mermaid tails

He uses his handmade tails to explore the deep waters of Florida. He has also told that he transforms into a real merman once he puts on one of his tails.

6. Paul Brockman – Collection of dresses

Paul has given his wife 55 thousand different dresses that he has chosen himself. His wife didn’t like shopping so he had no option left. He bought all the dresses for his wife.

7. Chris Reid – World’s largest collection of Super Soaker water guns

Chris has the biggest collection of the Super Soaker water guns in the world. He has 340 water guns.

8. Robyn Amato – 3 thousand Raggedy Ann Dolls

Robyn collects Raggedy Ann Dolls as she didn’t have one when she was young. But, presently she had 3000 of these dolls.


9. Vic Clinco – The largest hot sauce collection in the world

Vic has six thousand bottles of hot sauce from various parts of the world.

10. Paul Luke – Over 10 thousand milk bottles

Luke holds the largest collection of milk bottles in the world. To store his bottles, he has built a museum in the back yard.

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