Rajesh Adithyan, the 13 YO tech wizard owns a software company in Dubai

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Published by Shifa Naz on 18 Dec 2018

At the age of 9 0r 10, what would you probably do, schooling perhaps in 3rd or 4th class, playing with pals and asking parents for toys and chocolates… This might not be the case with 13 years old boy Aadithyan Rajesh. The boy who has grown up dedicating his time fully to technology owns a company in Dubai.

Aadithyan Rajesh is a talented child and a student from Kerala, who at just the age of 9, developed his first mobile application in his leisure time and is now serving for many clients by designing websites and logo for them.


Rajesh at the tender age of 5 started using computers and now proudly he can say that it was worth giving time to a computer as his only companion and now he is becoming an inspiration to many of us who have not taken their dreams and passion positively at the initial level and when time flies it leaves us back. So hurry up tech-maniac, as you can really make your career bright like Rajesh.


Adithyan in a very short span of time has finally launched his own company ‘Trinet Solutions’ at the tiny age of 13, the Khaleej Times reported. In his company, the three employees working are his friends and students from the same school where Rajesh is studying.

The 13-years-old developer told the Dubai-based English daily, “I was born in Thiruvilla, Kerala, and my family moved here when I was five. The first website my dad showed me was BBC Typing, a website for kids where young students can learn typing.”


He also added further to his statement, “I need to be over the age of 18 to actually become an established company owner. However, we function as a company. We have worked with over 12 clients, and have given them our design and coding services entirely for free.”


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