Bollywood and Hollywood movies which have almost same story-line

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 05 Nov 2018

These movies have the same plot twist and you will realise all of it right now with us.

List of movies that have the same ditto plot twist…

1. The Lion King and Bahubali Beginning 

Both the movies had the same plot twist where the child is abandoned by the family and is left between commoners to grow, build up and take his revenge who then defeats the bad guys and takes the throne.

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2. Batman Begins and American Psycho

The story revolves around a rich white guy who saves the city from bad over one night.

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3. The Mask and Bruce Almighty

In both the movies, the men are gifted by God and make a chaos until they get back their senses.

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4. Cast Away and Apollo 13 

Both the hero’s get on to their mode of transportation, get stuck in respective places and find back their way to home.

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5. Finding Dory and Ghajni 

Two Amnesic people travel around finding the purpose of their lives and after succession, they live their lives amongst friends.

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6. Inception and Shutter Island 

We know both these movies have confused the audience. Leonardo Dicaprio loses his wife and goes on a dream mission to get her back.

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7. Die Hard and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The hero discovers something that would actually disrupt the entire good things and destroys it.

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8. Koi Mil Gaya and Venom

To simplify this, an alien from another planet comes to Earth gives the hero superpowers to beat up the bad guys and the hero becomes the winner.

10. Avengers Assemble and Men In Black 3

Secret government agencies hire men with capabilities and solve the threats given to the city.

Other movies like Alter Club and Hanna Montana, Memento and The Hangover, V for Vendetta and A Nightmare On Elm Street also have almost the same plot. 


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