Chahatt Khanna’s strong Instagram game, with her sensuous and hot pictures

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Actor Chahatt Khanna prefers calling a spade a spade, be it about the taboo that she thinks is attached to being a single mother, or even talking about mental health. Ask her how it’s been for her, juggling work and her two daughters (Zohar and Amaira), and she says, “It’s a mix of a lot of things. It’s exhausting, and at the same time, overwhelming. And it’s full of joy, and sometimes stressful. It’s part and parcel of motherhood.” The current lockdown phase has proved to be quite a struggle in a lot of ways for many people, and it can be taxing mentally too. For Khanna, this has been the time to work on her mental health too.

She has people around her supporting her in this endeavour. “I am already working on it, with my team and my counsellors. For me, this has been a life changing experience. I can’t thank God enough that this actually happened, it has turned out positive for me,” she says.

Chahatt Khanna, the ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ actress is known for her social media game. She knows how to keep her fans entertained and glued to her account. Chahatt Khanna’s amazing Instagram game is also because of the sensuous pictures she posts, that gets her fans’ attention.

She has posted several pictures from which we decided to talk about the top 5. In the first one, she is brimming panache in this sizzling avatar of hers. In the next one, she poses in her underpants for a mirror selfie in her all-natural look. In third one, Chahatt Khanna looks a sizzling damsel and slays in a piece of fur cloth around her. In next one, she flaunts her mirror selfie in a changing room. Last but not least, Chahatt Khanna redefines hotness in a white shirt.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 20 Jul 2020

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