2 Dogs, Firangi and Angel From Mumbai Streets Are All Set To Fly Abroad For a New Start

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Published by Isha Kataria on 16 Oct 2018

Two female dogs are going to start there life with a fresh note again. They both have got a second chance to for living a new life.

The first one, Firangi is an 8-month-old dog and is partially blind. She got his name as Firangi when a couple from abroad decide to adopt her. Since last one month, she was living in Society for Prevention of Cruelty (SPCA) in Thane. She was having a head injury which later after some check-ups founded to be a brain infection. Well, she had her treatment and is fit and fine now. But due to her infection, she lost her vision in her left eye.

On the other side the second one, Angel is a 4-yr old dog who got severely injured in a train accident. Angel’s life was saved by the doctors but she got permanently handicapped. For now, she crawls on her front limbs.

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Both Firangi and Angel have survived their own battles of lives. They have shared a lot of pain. But now they are ready and all set to frolic around their new family.

It was disclosed that a father-daughter duo runs an NGO in Canada played a role of a  mediating bridge between the SPCA and the adoptive family. The family who adopted the dogs wanted to keep themselves unidentified.

But according to TOI’s quote from the President of Thane SPCA, Shakuntala Majumdar, the family who adopted then consisted of two sisters, a brother and their children. They own two farms and are animal lovers.

Raising animals is much more like raising kids. Even as adult animals, dogs can understand basic language, gestures and body language to know almost as much as a human toddler.

Not just dogs but every animal should receive the same kind of freedom and love. They too deserve a normal life. We hope that every animal should get the same kind of love which Firangi and Angel got when they started up with their new life.

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