27 Years of SRK: Meet Shah Rukh Khan’s Biggest Fan as the actor shares a video message on his 27 years’ journey

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 26 Jun 2019

Shah Rukh Khan recently completed 27 years of his Bollywood Journey. His stardom is untouchable, his achievements are commendable and love for him is endless. There can never be another Shah Rukh Khan.

Today, we decided to get in touch with one his biggest fan to know what he actually thinks about the superstar and his choices in cinema. Meet Yash Paryani, the boy from Mumbai, who says being a Shah Rukh Khan fan is the best thing happened in his life. He runs a number of SRK fan clubs on social media and is a diehard fan of the actor.

When asked how started this community, Yash said, “We will complete 6 years on September 4. We started this community during Chennai Express where we had a lot of small fan clubs of Shah Rukh Khan. There is this person called Mohammad Ashraf from Maldives and he thought of having a community where we can have all the people in one roof.”


Talking about how and when he became King Khan’s fan, Yash says, “So my mom is a huge SRK fan. Since my childhood, I used to watch his movies. I remember watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when I was 2. She used to tell me, right from the beginning I have admired him, and when I joined social media and met him, I saw what kind of a person he is. His motivational speeches inspired me, that’s all how it began.”


When quizzed if his team and he are disappointed by SRK not signing any films of lately, SRK said, “He is doing Ted talks right now. He’s also involved in a lot of documentaries and a lot of Netflix series. I recently met him for this Netflix shoot The Letterman Show, we are going to see him, they have a big feature of his fandom. Also, he is spending time with family, so it makes me happy to see him happy.”

Before ending the conversation, we asked him what’s the best and worst part of being an SRK fan, he said, “There is no disappointment to be an SRK fan, actually becoming a Shah Rukh Khan fan is the best thing happened to me and I am very happy and grateful to be his fan”.


Meanwhile, Shah Rukh himself shared an adorable video message for his fans after completing 27 years in the industry. the 53-year-old actor shared a special video on his Twitter profile. In the video, SRK not only thanked his fans for their love, but he also came riding a motorcycle, just the way he did in his debut film Deewana.

Well, this is Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom which no one can take away, no matter what. Once a Shah Rukh Khan fan will always be a Shah Rukh Khan.

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