From 3 Crores diamond ring to luxury house in London, times when Raj Kundra spend over wife Shilpa Shetty

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Published by Mohit Kumar Dixit on 20 Jul 2021

Raj Kundra, who has been arrested in a case related to creation of pornographic content, lives a lavish lifestyle with wife Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Here’s we are telling you how Raj Kundra impresses his wife through luxurious gifts.

Raj Kundra had gifted a diamond ring worth 3 Crore to his wife Shilpa Shetty in their engagement. He always prefer to give her luxury gifts. Reports says, the wedding outfit of Shilpa Shetty worth 50 lakhs was also gifted by Raj Kundra.

Shilpa Shetty also had a luxurious flat in Burj Khalifa, Dubai. As per reports, This flat worth 50 Crores. It was given by Raj Kundra to wife Shilpa Shetty as her wedding gift. However, the actress later revealed that she has already sold that property.

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The Baazigar actress also had a sea-facing villa at her name. They both lived in this luxurious villa named as ‘Kinaara’. This villa was also gifted by husband Raj Kundra. Situated at Mumbai, ‘Kinaara’ villa worth 100 Crores today. The couple also have a 3000 sqft. Duplex in Noida.

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Raj has also gifted a flat worth 7 crores situated in Central London to wife Shilpa. The actress herself designed her flat. Also, They both have a lavish bungalow in London named ‘Raj Mahal’ that worth today 100 Crores.

Shilpa Shetty loves to travel in luxury cars. To impress his wife, husband Raj gifted a blue-colored Lamborghini to her that worth 3 to 5 crores. This luxury car was in huge limelight when Raj gifted it to Shilpa as there was no such edition of car in the country back then.

Credit:- Shilpa Shetty | Google images

When the couple completed their Nine years of marriage, Raj gifted a Range Rover Vogue worth 2.05 Crores to her.

Credit:- Shilpa Shetty fan club

Well, there must be many such gifts which are yet to be in media attention. For an unversed, Raj Kundra has a property of 2800 Crores. He was produced to Kila court today after his arrest. The court has ordered him to be in judicial custody for 3 days.

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