4 Bollywood less known movies based on real “WAR” stories

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Published by Ruchika Gaurav on 26 Apr 2021

It’s been said that Bollywood movies act as a reflection of Indian society and castes back the event that takes place. Our society is an important inspiration for real-life based movies; also acts as thespianism to convey the untold story, the real truth that lags behind the curtain. So, here we are with the list of 4 Bollywood movies that were based on real ‘War’ 

  1. 1971

How strange it is that the movie which was released in 2007 was a flop on box-office directed by Amrit Sagar and after 13 years the very same movie which was also awarded as the Best Hindi feature film in 55th National Awards became a big hit on a digital platform (YouTube) in the year 2020. As the movie was based on the Indo-Pak war of 1971 that was preceded by the rebellion of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to separate itself from West Pakistan (now Pakistan) and create a new country. which depicts the escape story of six Indian Army Soldiers that were taken as prisoners of war by the Pakistan Army. The movie stars Manoj Bajpayee, Ravi KishanPiyush Mishra, Deepak Dobriyal and others. 




2. LOC: Kargil War 

J.P.Dutta directed the 2003 movie LOC: Kargil was based on the 1999 Indo-Pak war, “The Kargil War” which was also the first televised war in Indian history. Specifically, the film is based on the 1999, Operation Vijay and Battle of Tololing around the LOC. Unfortunately, this movie failed to leave a mark on the audience; some expert says that it’s because Kargil War was telecasted on TV and the memories of the real war were so prominent that any movie which tried to retrospect the Kargil War didn’t make a mark on the audience. 



3. Haqeeqat 

It was quite an early time to try a movie from different genre as 70s were the time when commercial movies were at their peak. As the trend of feature movie in association with nationalism is a prominent choice for today’s makers because its approach is undoubtedly facile. So, this 1964 movie Haqeeqat was based on Sino-Indo war on Border –Conflict in 1962, while somehow this (Sino-India) matter is not as hyped in Bollywood as Indo-Pak conflicts are. The movie stars, Dharmendra, Balraj Sahni, Priya Rajvansh, Sudhir, Sanjay Khan and Vijay Anand in major roles and was directed by Chetan Anand. IMDB has rated 7.8stars out of 10. 



4. Lalkar 

Before beading the Saga of Ramayana, the famous director RamaNand Sagar made a movie based on the first fight between Indian Soldiers and Japanese intruders in Burma in the midst of World War II. However, the plot line follows a love-triangle in-between the characters Rajan, Usha and Ram. Talking about the box-office verdict it was a semi-hit movie which casts Dharmendra, Rajendra Kumar, Mala Sinhaand Kum Kum in lead roles. 



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