Gestures of Sara Ali Khan greeting the paparazzi with respect and ‘namaste’

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 30 Sep 2019

In the modern age, not all celebs are happy getting papped all the time. While some like to have a private life, getting flashed all the time sometimes leads to anger but that is not how Sara Ali Khan is.

The daughter of Saif Ali Khan often obliges to paparazzi and poses happily for them. Every now and then she goes anywhere, she gets followed by the media and she is happy to smile and greet them with a namaste. Here are five occasions when Sara Ali Khan won over the paps with her smile and humility.

Handwritten Coffee Invitation

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Sara made headlines even before she made her Bollywood debut. The daughter of Saif was followed around by shutterbugs and she thanked them for all the wonderful pictures they take via a handwritten note. She even invited them all to a cup of coffee, a gesture that was much appreciated by the media.

Coffee Meet With Paps

But the actress did not do this for attention, after the release of her second movie, Simmba, she kept her promise, and met all the photographers who clicked her all this while and even indulged in friendly chats with them. This was another gesture of humility from the actress.

Greeting paps with a Namaste

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While not all celebs like being followed around, Sara appreciates the work shutterbugs put in and has often obliged to their requests. She smiles happily and poses for the shutterbugs, while also greeting them with a Namaste every now and then.

Praise for the paps

Sara is also all praises for the shutterbugs, as she goes out of her way to thank the photographers for clicking her writing about her. She has always been polite and respectful towards the paps.

Some exceptions

While there have been a few exceptions when Sara got angry with the paps for various reasons. A video of her surfaced on the internet, where she is seen blasting the shutterbugs for clicking her as she makes her way out of a temple.

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