5 Innovative Ways You Can Take the Ambience of Your Home to the Next Level with decorative plants

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 17 Jun 2019

Interior decorative planning is a very common theme these days. Today, people are willing to customize their office decors so as to get the best creative output from their employees, so having a nicely decorated and well-planned home is a no brainer.

Being obsessed with potted plants lately has also become a rage as living closer to nature also accounts for a healthier mind and body. In fact, having plants at home can be therapeutic. Mental health remains at balance, especially when you see plants grow in front of your eyes while you tend to them or take care of them.

There are several types of plants that do not need much sunlight and minimal water that look beautiful and can make the ambience of your house look alive. They just have a way of making any space feel bright, lively, and gorgeous. For those who don’t know how to decorate your home, start with plants.

So today, we have come up with 5 innovative ideas how you can create a chic decor of your house with plants:

1) Ladder Garden Style

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By installing a wooden ladder of different shapes transform a ladder into a triangular set of shelves, by simply placing flat boards between the ladder. This would the platform for your plants and it looks super cool both indoors and outdoors.

2) Stylish White Pots

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Matching some white eclectic pots to the lighter colored room can bring up the aesthetic beauty of the space. By using a variety of pots can make any plant area look more interesting.

3) Wall Hanging Herb Garden

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Having a hanging herb garden in the kitchen is a great way to add to the aesthetics of a room. You can use these herbs in cooking while they add some flavor to the kitchen environment.

4) Macramé Plant Hangers

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You can add hanging plants to the pop up the decor of your room. Creating the interiors with some hand-made pieces mixed with nature can create a cosy ambience to your space since it’s unexpected and adds a new layer to your decor.

5) Cut Blooms

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In addition to being less time consuming, flowers can also be the less expensive option, Just add sugar to the water in which you place your cut blooms and they will stay fresh for way longer. However you choose to go about it, cut flowers are a quick and easy option that can improve your mood, and add some much-needed pops of color to your home.

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