Here are the 5 theories about the Night King from the Game of Thrones

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 29 Apr 2019

In this last season of Game of Throne, We are seeing the all of them are preparing for the battle with the army of dead and the season get more and more exciting with every episode. But the biggest question for some people here is, Who is the Night King?

Here are the seven theories on who is the Night King.

Β Bran is the Night King.

Bran is three-eyed Raven who can travel into the past through entering into peoples mind. When he goes back in the past and witness the war between the First Men and Children Of The Forest, he sees the first man tied to the tree and there, at that time, he gets stuck and is turned into the Night King by Children of Forest. Maybe this is the reason after all these years he wants to return and is looking for Bran.

Night King is a Targaryen.

The Night King can ride a Dragon. Only Targaryens can ride dragons, just like Danaerys and Jon. And moreover, in the first episode when 10-year-old, Ned Umber was killed his body parts were discovered in a spiral shape which later burned. The shape was exactly like the symbol of the House Targaryen.

Night King is a Stark ancestor.

The Starks are known descendants of the First Men who were engaged in battle with the Children of Forest. This the reason Night King seems to be connected to Starks, especially Bran. He must have been a Stark when he was a Human. Also in books, The character of Night King is a rumored ancestor to the starks who fell in love with White Walker and marries her later declaring himself as the Night King.

Jon Snow Is the Night King

According to this theory, the Night King can only be dead if someone pulls out the dragon glass from his chest. But when it happens, when the Night King dies, the other white walkers will lose their minds and will start doing whatever they want. So to control the situation and to become a leader to them, Jon snow stab himself with the same dragon glass and become the new Night King.

Night King is the God of Death.

According to this theory, Night King is the god of Death, the destructor and the ultimate evil. He is not human anymore and adding to this he cannot speak nor he has any dialogues.

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