5 things from Tiger Shroff’s schedule that will increase the Monday Motivation for you to join the gym

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 16 Apr 2019

Tiger Shroff is the fittest actor in Bollywood industry. He is known for his acting skills but even more, he is known for his physique. Every actor works hard for his body but Tiger maintains and follows his diet and workout routine a little more strictly. Though on an episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’ Tiger revealed that he is a big foodie and wants to eat without losing his abs which is basically impossible. Tiger is not only an inspiration to the actors but he will also make you want to join the gym right this instance.

Here are the five things from Tiger Shroff’s Gym Schedule:

Chin-up Bar Workout

Chin-ups improves grip strength, posture, back, biceps and appearance. It also helps in strengthening of muscles that stabilize the spine. This reduces one’s risk of back pain, neck pain, and injury. This exercise requires a lot of practice and strength.

Weight Lifting

Weightlifting improves muscle strength, bone density, posture, reduces back pain, and burns more calories. Though you have to be careful because starting with a heavy dumbbell might cause injuries.



Dance is the most loved workout of all. If you love dancing like Tiger Shroff then you are in a win-win situation. Dancing helps the calories burn at a very higher rate in less time. It also helps stimulate positivity and happy hormonal changes in your body. It is the most efficient way to lose weight.

Martial Arts

Tiger includes Martial Arts in his workout for a high aerobic workout. Martial Arts includes every muscle that is there in the body and therefore increases the strength and toughness of the body. It requires a lot of practice and one can learn self-defense so he highly recommends women learning Martial Arts.


If you get bored with your daily workout routine you can go for a sport like Boxing. Being an intensely physical sport it has numerous positive effects on the body. It reduces stress and increases strength and fat loss in the body.

We hope that you join the gym soon after this and who knows you might even have a physique like Tiger Shroff.


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