8 Stimulating Management Quotes from Gabbar Singh that drives us towards Success

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 02 Feb 2019

Gabbar Singh! Whenever we hear this name, we often think of the dominating villain character from one of the popular Bollywood flicks – Sholay. Besides noticing the pitiless dacoit character in Gabbar Singh, we can even witness some extraordinary management skills. Before entering into the terrorism in Ramgarh village, he gave management lessons in the Chambal School of Management. Take a quick look at the topmost best management lessons we could learn from Gabbar Singh.

  1. Brandmark

Gabbar says that usually, mothers try to make their kids sleep through the words ‘Gabbar aa jayega’. In such a case, Gabbar is the Bonafide marketing brand.

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  1. Looking for the Feedback

Before popping Kaalia, he doesn’t precede all of a sudden through his own decision. Instead, he asks his staff regarding their notions just like a democratic personality. He asks them ‘Tera Kya hoga Kaaliya?’

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  1. Pays off all Dues in Time

When Thakur sent Gabbar into the jail, he didn’t accept it so easily. He said a line that reads ‘Bahut Pachtaugey Thakur’. After absconding from the jail, he directly reaches Thakur’s family to kill them which means that he clears off his dues this way.

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  1. Motivating Employees

When Gabbar asked Basanti to dance, she felt pretty shy. As he knew that Veeru and Basanti were in love, he motivated her to dance upon frightening her to kill Veeru right before her.

  1. Analyzing the Competition

When Kaalia and his entire group came from Ramgarh without grabbing any of them, Gabbar asked them ‘Kitney aadmi the?’ He started analyzing the power of the opponents through that question.

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  1. Proper HR Duties

When Gabbar decided to punish his staff, he looked at the pistol comprising of 6 bullets. As there are only 3 subordinates, he simply emptied 3 bullets out of it to remain fair enough.

  1. Aggressive Takeovers

Gabbar realized that Thakur had powerful hands. He then says ‘Ye haath, humko de de Thakur’. Even if Thakur isn’t ready to join with his precious assets, Gabbar cuts them and takes them away.

  1. Cutback

None of them likes to permit their employees to go out. However, in some situations, you need to downsize and fire some folks. He said it and followed his words after shooting 3 of his employees. He then says ‘Jo darr gaya, samjho mar gaya.’

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