84 YO Granny Gives High-Fives To Marathon Runners As They Reach The Finish Line, Twitterati’s are Amazed

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An Italian grandmother inspired marathon runners to reach the finish line at the Ravenna Marathon. The 84-year-old, Valeriana Corelli gave a heartwarming gesture by giving high five to the runners on reaching the finish line. Her enthusiastic high five encouraged the runners. The video is going viral on Twitter and the runners can be seen smiling as they reach out to acknowledge the highly spirited grandma. Grandmother decided to support competitors in the Ravenna Marathon on November 11 after she saw them passing from her window.

According to reports, she stood there for two hours congratulating the participants with her high fives. Her heartfelt gesture grabs the attention of the president of the Ravenna Runners Club. He went on to reward her with a medal. The video is making rounds on the internet and the whole Twitterati’s came together to for her never-ending enthusiasm and an incredible gesture of the woman.

As the runner make their way down the road Marathon Grandma stretches out her right arm to give them a high five. The runners high-five her back and those too far away give her a warm wave. Some. Competitors even cross from the far side of the road to get closer to Marathon Grandma.

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OGGI LA MARATONA PREMIA LA SIMPATICA NONNINA CHE DAVA «IL 5» AI RUNNER DI RAVENNA Questa sera (Martedì 27 Novembre) appuntamento informale organizzato al Grand Hotel Mattei, in Via E. Mattei n. 25 a Ravenna alle ore 20.00. Nell’occasione lo staff della Maratona di Ravenna premierà Valeriana Corelli, per tutti Valeria. Chi è Valeria Corelli? La simpatica nonnina divenuta celebre ormai in tutto il mondo come protagonista del video di Roberto Catalano, girato lo scorso 11 Novembre in Via Cesarea in occasione della XX Maratona di Ravenna, nel quale a bordo strada Valeria dà «il 5» a tutti i runner di passaggio. Dunque, anche Valeria sarà premiata, come i migliori runner del mondo, con la medaglia ufficiale della XX Maratona di Ravenna creata da Annafietta e con la t-shirt ufficiale JOMA. Alla serata sarà presente anche la famiglia della simpatica nonnina, lo staff della Maratona di Ravenna guidato dal presidente Stefano Righini, l’autore del video Roberto Catalano e tutti coloro che vorranno partecipare all’iniziativa. Per rivedere il video di Roberto Catalano, ecco il link: https://bit.ly/2Rgq1e2 Foto tratta dal video di Roberto Catalano #runinravenna2018 #cityofart #marathon #mosaic #halfmarathon #ravenna #maratonadiravenna #ravennamarathon #joma #ravennantica #myravenna #lanonnina #givemefive @comunediravenna @micheledepascale @ravennaincoming @ravennatourism @ravennaeventi @inemiliaromagna @fidalemiliaromagna @uispemiliaromagna

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When one female runner dodges Granny’s hand and says her that this is a big job she continues smiling as more people come towards her. In total 25 runners get a high five from Mrs. Corelli in the short clip which has been viewed thousands of times on social media.

At that time when she was given a medal in recognition for her inspirational effort, she told the local media that, “I am truly honored to have contributed to making the Ravenna Marathon even more famous.”

Filmer Robert Catalano described the video as 65 seconds of sport, humanity, love, and community.

Published by Isha Kataria on 15 Dec 2018

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