This is how Aamir Khan Lost Weight post after his role in Dangal

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Published by Isha Kataria on 29 Mar 2019

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, on his 54th birthday, announced that he would be acting in a remake of the American classic film Forest Gump. The film will be called Lal Singh Chaddha. In order to prepare for the role of a turbaned man in the film, Aamir will be embarking on a weight loss journey. According to a report, he plans on losing 20 kgs and has already lost 3.5 kgs in the last two weeks.

On his 54th birthday, Aamir Khan announced that he will be working on the Indian remake of Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump, titled Laal Singh Chaddha. Just after that, he was out with his transformation to look into an old man that appeared to be from a commercial brand that Aamir endorses. And now Aamir is preparing for his role as a turbaned man in the film. He is embarking on a weight loss journey. We all know that the actor is very much comfortable while experimenting with his onscreen appearances. From weighing up to 95 kgs in Dangal to 6-pack abs in Ghajini, Aamir has taken every look with confidence.

At a recent book launch, Aamir cleared of on some myths about dieting and shared his experience from the days of Dangal. He revealed that once during the shoot when he was on a weight loss diet, he called for his boy to bring him food. When his meal arrived everybody was so surprised at the plate was a plate filled with dal, gravy, and rice. They were shocked to see a large portion of food on Aamir’s plate and teased him by asking whether he was on a weight loss diet or a weight gain diet. To which he clarified that it is a weight loss diet. He so revealed that most of the people have the misconception that weight loss directly translates to eating less.

Aamir further added that he is gearing up to start a pure vegetarian diet now for himself and for his role. His weight loss plans have left many in a state of shock.

Interestingly Aamir also revealed that recently he had been invited to a welcome dinner for Apple CEO Tim Cook organized by Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. And as he was on a strict weight loss diet, he carried his own tiffin and did not eat the food served by the hosts. Well, it is hilarious.. But it also shows how strickly Aamir is following his diet schedules.

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