Aayush Sharma Gets Candid About Salman Khan, Feels Lucky That He Guides Him In Right Direction

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Published by Vaidehi Tendulakar on 06 Aug 2018

Salman Khan, the masiha who launched so many new faces to Bollywood. Salman has launched Aayush Sharma, who married his sister Arpita in 2014. Even, Aayush knows that only because of Salman he is getting a Bollywood launchpad so easily.

Aayush is making his debut from romantic drama Loveratri. And, he gets candid about how he is very fortunate that Salman guides him in the right direction. Talking to a leading agency, he said, “I am very lucky and privileged that he is there to guide me in the right direction.”


He further added, “He used to guide me properly, and told me that ‘It’s not about the number of auditions you are giving, but about when you give an audition, how good you are’. I trained with Salman bhai for four years, and he was very particular in saying, ‘Listen, I can give you a debut, but after that when you go in front of the camera, it’s your job to act and perform… I can’t do that for you’.”

“He told me, ‘Remember, the fame of being an actor is very good, but it’s not good when your film doesn’t work because then you are subject to a lot of conversation that this film didn’t work and he is not a good actor.’ He motivated me to be a 100 per cent ready when I do my first film,” said Aayush.


Well, Aayush doesn’t belong to a filmy background. He hails from a political family in Mandi. He stated, “I made a conscious decision that only when I can go ahead and do something good, will I start acting in a film. I didn’t want (that) just because I am related to Salman bhai, I ask people to give me a launch, and not be worthy enough. I understand my launch is all because of Salman bhai. But my only effort is that when people see the film and come out of the theatre, they feel he deserves to be an actor.”

Aayush right now doesn’t want to call himself an actor and his only aim is prove himself that he is.

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