Aayush Sharma talks about whether he is interested in getting into politics or not

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 23 Sep 2018

The young emerging star Aayush Sharma, husband of Arpita Khan who is the sister of Salman Khan is all set to roll on the big screen with his debutant move ‘Love Yatri’. The movie is produced by Salman Khan and is directed by Abhiraj Minawal. The movie is set out to release on 5th of October and the 32-year-old actor is pumped up for the big release.

In a recent interview, he mentioned that Brother-in-law Salman Khan did not really give him any pointers on how to deal with the media. He said, “He has never given me any advice on handling the media. He once told me — ‘You come from a political family, so you know what to say and what not to say.”


He also added that he is eventually getting to know about the hardships and pressure that comes with being an actor. Being an actor is not easy and Aayush Sharma has made a statement on that too. He said, “Irrespective of what kind of day I’m having, if a fan wants to take a picture with me, I have to oblige. He won’t know that I’m having a bad day, he’ll only remember that I refused to be clicked.”

This is utmost true. We all have bad days and being an actor when the fan asks for a picture, it becomes mandatory to be clicked and show love to them.


Other than this, on being asked if he would join politics like his father Anil Kumar Sharma and grandfather’s footsteps, the actor denied on joining politics. He said,  “Not now. I don’t know how I want to change the country. If I ever have the potential to do that, as well as the drive to surrender, then let’s see. I’m not ready for it right now.”

With a polite and well-built statement, Aayush Sharma has put down the proposal of being a politician and he has also kept the options open for the future. the actor I as of now very clear with his goal and the release of his first movie.

We wish Salman Khan, Arpita and Aayush Sharma a lot of luck and hope this movie steals the show and becomes a box office success. A lot of love and well wishes from fans too.

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