Arjun Kapoor provided Team India with Solace says, “Let them breathe and learn”

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Published by Vanshika Bisht on 01 Nov 2021

The Cricket Match between Team India vs Team New Zealand was held on Sunday, where New Zealand won by 8 wickets. The score of India in T20 World Cup was 110/7. After which, comments full-off hatred and disappointment rolled in, against the whole Indian team.

Responding to which Actor Arjun Kapoor came in support for the team members. While striking to his social media to back the Cricketers of team India, he penned down a supportive message saying, He wrote, “Our ego gets bruised if India loses a match let alone two. That’s how well this team has played over the last 10 years or so to bring smiles to our faces and create expectations.”

Furthermore he added, “But let’s not forget these are men who have been playing in a bubble since last year to entertain you & I while being at it… They weren’t at their best today but we as fans have to be at our best to allow them to breathe and learn from a loss or two even… Nobody likes losing but more importantly nobody likes losers who try and get off on other people’s failures either… Grow a pair and be gracious about us not winning to boost our egos.” His memo filled with positivity was a great support to team India, in such times of disappointment.

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