Actress Esha Gupta opens up on her perspective about marriage

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Published by Shafali Nagar on 28 Nov 2021

Actress Esha Gupta turns 36 today. The Actress said her personal life doesn’t affect her. Also, she needs a partner who supports her. Ms. Gupta is spending all day in Jaipur attending his brother’s wedding as per the sources.

Talking with the media, Esha Gupta said she is extremely a private person when it comes to family and friends. She added people write a lot of things about her private life but it doesn’t bother her anymore.

Adding more details, Ms. Gupta said before stepping into the next chapter of her life, she would rather wait for the right time. Sharing her perspective about marriage she added in her family women are more successful than men and parents teach their daughters to be independent. Also, if she married the richest man and he leaves her then she don’t want to live with alimony, she wants to start something of his own and doesn’t want to change her surname also as per the sources.

The birthday girl is looking for “Health, peace, and love in the coming year. The professional shift is going to happen and she is excited about it as there’s Ashram 2 and Invisible Man.

Ms. Gupta also wishes to do sports film as she is a sports lover, loves to be part of a film based on Pt. Usha, and likes to do anything in a film from horse riding to sky diving to deep-sea diving.


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