Actresses captured on camera in their most Uncomfy saree moments

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Published by Debangshu Goswami on 17 Nov 2021

Over the decades, the Bollywood business has established itself as a hotspot for fashion, glamour, and the newest trends. Actors and actresses introduce new styles and clothes, which become popular and become a trend. However, celebrities and superstars are occasionally subjected to unpleasant and humiliating situations in their lives, and these celebrity encounters are also documented and widely disseminated.

Actresses caught on tape wearing their most UNCOMFORTABLE sarees. When asked about their favourite traditional clothing, practically every actress responds with a saree. The exquisite conventional attire may be attractive to our eyes, but maintaining the appearance requires a lot of effort.

Deepika Padukone, one of the most well-known and famous actors in the Bollywood business, is always in the spotlight. However, the actress has been susceptible to wardrobe malfunctions due to her broad neckline clothing. Unfortunately, the Bollywood actresses ‘oops moment’ was also caught on camera.

Sonam Kapoor is also well-known for her one-of-a-kind outfits. The actress has received widespread popularity and fame, and the actress has faced ‘oops’ moments due to her almost sleeveless dress flashing her body.

Bollywood is the world of glamour, fashion, style but sometimes the stylish icons face oops moments due to a wardrobe malfunction. Sometimes, the cameraman capture what can ruin one’s fashion statement.

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