Aditi Bhatia explains how double masking can save a life, posts the difference between Cloth, Surgical & N95 Mask

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 10 May 2021

Many Bollywood celebrities have been working for the past few weeks to help the common man with Oxygen/Ventilator beds, vaccines and funds, amongst which a young actor Aditi Bhatia came forward.

Aditi on Monday posted a ‘Reel’ on her Instagram account in which she explains the advantage of using a double mask. She captioned the video as “Double up against Covid-19. A cloth mask blocks 51.4%. A surgical mask blocks 77%. Double masking blocks 85.4%. I support #IndiaFightsCorona by taking these steps- 1. Staying at home, 2. Sanitising, 3. Wearing mask properly, 4. Donating, 5. Getting vaccinated, I am doing my part, I urge you all to do the same. We’re in this together and we shall fight it.”

Credits: Aditi Bhatia (Instagram)

Credits: Aditi Bhatia (Instagram)

Aditi in her video showed the difference between a Cloth mask, a Surgical mask and an N95 mask. She demonstrated the benefits of using a good quality mask with help of a burning candle. As the quality of the Cloth Mask and the surgical mask is average due to which the chances of the virus entering your body are much higher.  As per the reports, the Covid-19 virus may get transmitted through the air into your body. To keep yourself safe, using a double N95 mask could be your trump card against the virus.


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