Aditya Narayan Slams trolls from calling Indian Idol 12 scripted, says ‘We’ve managed to create so much employment through this show’

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Published by Sagarika Patil on 27 Jul 2021

The most popular music reality show on Indian television is currently Indian Idol 12 and no doubt it has been one of the longest running reality shows as well. Now a lot of online users and followers have started criticising the show on social media, then either it is for the elimination or contestants sharing their background stories. Well, the show is very near to its grand finale, host Aditya Narayan took the opportunity to slam these trolls.

While talking to a media channel Aditya said, “Honestly, I don’t have anything to say to these online trollers because they don’t have anything good to say about anyone. It just reflects their sickening mindsets. If your heart is filled with love, you will talk about love, if you have all the hate inside you, you would only talk dirty and nothing else. There hasn’t been any show in the history of television that has not been scripted. There’s no show without a script. So if you say that the show is scripted, then I would say every show is scripted. There is a show flow and it is necessary to run the show.

Talking about how it is impossible to keep everyone happy Aditya said, “Every successful story has the same ingredients with many different views and opinions. And honestly speaking, no individual has the bandwidth to go through it, we are not designed to consider so many opinions. It’s because of social media that we are getting so many responses. If the majority of the audiences are happy, we try to focus more on them and we also try to see if we can make the remaining ones happy as well. But it is impossible to please everybody. Even during the crisis, we have managed to create so much employment through this show, be it spotboys, lightboys, camera team, sound team or the music team, our makeup, hair stylists, costumes and other departments. I am sure hundreds of homes have been running because of Indian Idol. So when you are surrounded by all these positive vibes and blessings from these people, the show was meant to be successful.”

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