“Agar ab madad nahi karenge, to kab karenge?” urges Vineet Kumar Singh on experiencing shortage of vaccines in the country

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 17 May 2021

Mukkabaaz actor Vineet Kumar Singh after battling with the deadly virus has a message to all his fans as well as the citizens of the nation. The actor was tested positive for COVID-19, despite of his medical background (MD in Ayurveda) he experienced unavailability of vaccines for his own cause, this made him think and start an initiative to help to those in need.

Vineet in an interview with E-times said he was shooting in UP for his movie in March and April, last schedule of the shoot was at crowded locations where his fans came to met him and a few times he was careless with his mask while giving selfies to his fans, he said that’s might be when he got infection with virus.

“I had fever and chills which was like malaria symptoms. After my malaria test came back negative I took other tests as well, and they all came back negative, except Covid-19,” the actor told while talking about his health.Vineet was tested positive for COVID-19, he faced obstacles for getting vaccines despite of having a medical background, he told “When I tested positive, I witnessed first-hand the shortage of medicines. Despite my medical background (MD in Ayurveda) and having doctor friends, I couldn’t get the medicines I needed for my recovery. When I reached out to my friends, they too had family members who had tested positive and were also falling short of medication. It was then that I decided to do something about it.”

This episode made the actor think about situation of other non-privileged people struggling to get medical facilities, he then decided to help every single person he can, actor said “I started helping one person, then another, and then word spread. Interestingly, I started getting messages like, ‘Sir, you helped my friend’s father, please let me know what I can also do to help,'” Singh shared, adding, “These messages started coming in from all over the country with fans saying ‘If you think someone needs help, let me know.’ It was amazing to see people who don’t know each other, reaching out to help one another.”

Vineet mentioned that he feels happy when Bollywood reunited to help and support the nation. “I am so happy to see so many people in the industry coming together to help. I feel that as celebrities, we have a voice and should use it in the right way.” the actor added

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