Aggressive Virat Kohli Should Improve His Attitude While Playing Against Indian Players in IPL

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Indian Captain Virat Kohli’s passion and aggression are second to none. Whenever he takes the field, all the cameras, and attention switches on to him and sometimes his passionate display of emotions whenever his team takes a wicket or something, that doesn’t always look good on him.

With youngsters looking up to Virat as an inspiration, his aggressive display against Indian players’ dismissal looks strange. These are the same players who win matches for Kohli on the international level but in the IPL Kohli should understand to keep his emotions on a check. While some RCB fans might argue that this is bound to happen due to the frustrating performances by the whole RCB roster, whenever his team performs well he is bound to celebrate.

True, but he should do that with decency, as captain of the RCB and as captain of the Indian National Team, Kohli should act as a role model. There were many instances in RCB’s recent game against Kings XI Punjab where Kohli was seen exchanging words with a few Kings XI batsmen, particularly Indian players like Mayank Agarwal, K L Rahul, and Ravichandran Ashwin.

While Mayank and Rahul are youngsters and chose not to respond to Kohli’ actions, Ashwin sure did give a reaction when he got dismissed. He threw his glove in frustration after being dismissed and when quizzed about the incident post-match he said, “I just played with passion, so does he (Kohli). That’s it, as simple as that.”

Passion and desire are sometimes what drives the fans but sportsman spirit is also an equally important aspect of the gentleman’s game. A similar shambolic incident happened in the RCB-KKR game where Kohli’s national teammate Kuldeep was smashed so bad that cried on-field. That incident certainly broke many fans’ hearts. Kohli as his national team captain and a friend could have given him some consolation or even a pat on the back.

Instead, he was seen encouraging Moeen Ali to continue his assault on Kuldeep. Now, this might seem justified in a competition of IPL’s level, a small act of sportsmanship would have earned Kohli some more praise. Time and again, his anger and aggression have got the better side of him. While many feel this is how he plays the game, as a captain, Kohli should know when to take it easy at least against Indian opponents in the IPL.

Published by Amrit Santlani on 26 Apr 2019

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