Akash Gaharwar spill the bean on Govinda’s son Harshvardhan Ahuja’s debut

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Published by Rashi Tiwari on 26 Sep 2021

One more star son is expected to make his debut soon. Harshvardhan Ahuja, Govinda’s son, is planning a career and is all set to start in Bollywood too. Govinda’s cousin, Akash Gaharwar, gave this information to us. “You will hear about Harshvardhan Ahuja’s debut shortly,” he said in an interview. He’s been working on himself for the past three years. In reality, he recently completed a fresh photoshoot, which Govinda Ji shared on social media.

He’d been focusing on himself because making a good first impression is so important.” Tina, Govinda’s daughter, made her acting debut a few years ago, but the films were a flop. Harshvardhan appears to be focusing on his preparations.

Govinda has shared a photo of his son with a touching note. He penned which states Your face reflects all of the hard work you’ve put in over the years. Your self-assurance has helped you grow from a person to a personality. This is the foundation for all global success.” Govinda will also reveal some new initiatives in the coming months, according to Akash Gaharwar. And added that “He’s been doing meetings and all,” he informed us, “and fans will hear some good news soon.”

With Shakti and Mukti Mohan, Akash Gaharwar featured in Dance With Me 2. He is a dancer who specialises in the Bollywood style. “Both the sisters were quite appreciative to me,” he said. Many people believe that Bollywood dance is simple, however this is not true. If you know a little acrobatics or martial arts, you can master other disciplines, but Bollywood freestyle is all about timing, grace, and expression. Govinda Ji has been my first teacher and has guided me along. I am grateful for his constant presence as a mentor.

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