Akki’s Daughter Nitara Teaches Him Playing With Expressions In A Cute Throwback Video

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A father-daughter duo is always adorable. A daughter is secured nowhere more than in her dad’s arms, and a dad also finds peace in holding his daughter, even after she is grown up. Celeb dads like Akki are often seen sharing a deep bonding with their children on social media. Akshay loves to get younger with his daughter Nitara.


Akshay Kumar enjoys the company of his daughter Nitara a lot. He always loves to show his affections towards the little girl on social media, be it her birthday or a regular day.

Now, a throwback video of Akshay Kumar’s baby girl Nitara is doing rounds on the web. In the video recording, Nitara can be seen giving him directions on expressions. The video is shared on Instagram by a fan page of Nitara. The video recording shows her asking daddy Akshay to act on different expressions. She is instructing him to laugh, cry, or be sad. Akshay, just like an obedient student, is seen following her commands.

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Earlier, on her sixth birthday, Akshay posted a picture of holding Nitara standing beside a pool. The caption was like ‘I am not ready for you to swim without me yet’. He prayed her to remain the same even if she gets elder by age.

Akshay seems to enjoy the not-so-easy babysitting too. When handling his daughter alone, he shared that feeling on social media too. He said that he enjoyed every day with her in a way and got to know her well.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 23 Jul 2020

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