Akriti Kakar unfolds about reality show judge’s false appreciation; ‘Showing right path is more important’

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Published by Dishi Ajmera on 18 Oct 2021

Singer Akriti Kakar is in headlines as her song Thomkiya Thomkiya which is an independent musician. The new song is a mixture of Bengali and Hindi , the composer of the song was Shubham Moitra. The singer speaks to Bollywoodlife and revealed about a lot of things about reality shows and independent musicians. The singer spoke about the song and how the song was made in a couple of days. The singer wanted to focus on the folk music and wanted to get a mixture of both as she did not want to block the Hindi audience by making the song just in Bengali.

On the other hand the singer also spoke about the judges in the reality show. She said that the shows she has been a part of were not like that. She explained herself that if the judges appreciate the contestants flawlessly and does not correct them it is wrong. The singer said that it is good to appreciate but that is more important is to show the right path. Talking about her days of learning the art, Iski Uski singer said that her teacher would put a pencil in between her teeth and also made her read Hindi papers to know the art well.

The singer highlighted the fact that if the judges will not correct the contestants, they will get a huge reality shock in the real world. The song Thomkiya Thomkiya is out on YouTube and it is made as the festival of Durga Puja was their main target.

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