Akshay Kumar joins MyLab as a brand ambassador

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Published by Chetali Mishra on 11 Jun 2021

Mylab Discovery Solutions, a leading biotechnology company in India, has named Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador. Mylab is committed to developing and commercializing tests used in human diagnostics, food safety, agriculture, and veterinary medicine, enabling labs to obtain reliable, timely, and actionable results. CoviSelf, India’s first COVID-19 self-test kit, was recently launched by the company.

The partnership aims to increase awareness of Mylab’s IVD instruments and kits for laboratories and individuals, including CoviSelfTM, as well as to share educational content for the common man’s training purposes. Akshay will be instrumental in educating the public about the proper use, safety, and efficacy of products, arming our citizens to fight COVID-19.

Akshay Kumar expressed his delight at the partnership, saying, “I am ecstatic to partner with a company like Mylab that is pioneering work in the field of preventive healthcare, particularly in this COVID-19 era. Through this association, I hope to contribute to their mission of resolving difficult healthcare problems and empowering every citizen to live a healthier life. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the brand.”

“We are overjoyed to have Akshay Kumar on board,” Mylab Discovery Solutions stated. “He is a true proponent of healthy living and has set the standard for exceptional lifestyle choices. Akshay will be the ideal motivator to encourage people to seek testing and raise awareness about the critical nature of early detection.”

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