Akshay Kumar Is Kapil Sharma’s Inspiration As He Is Making A Comeback

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 22 Sep 2018

Last one and a half year had been a tough time for popular comedian Kapil Sharma. He was on the peek of his career when he got into a mid-air fight with his friend and colleague Sunil Grover. This led to Sunil leaving the show. Kapil then faced depression and several health issues. His comedy chat show was shut down by the channel. Kapil totally disappeared for few months in order to recover. And now, he is back ans is sometimes papped.

Kapil is looking for a new beginning and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar seems to be his inspiration. We all know that Akshay is probably the most disciplined actor in B’town. He goes early to bed, wakes up at 4 Am in the morning and then workouts. Kapil, who is known for waking up late and tweeting seems to follow Akshay’s footsteps now. Recently, Kapil tweeted at 10.15 PM saying ‘Good Night’ to his followers.

He wrote on Twitter, “Chalo bye ..it’s time to sleep now.. good night .. following @akshaykumar Paji these days.”

Well, this was surprising. Kapil also talked about hi comeback in another tweet. A user asked him that whether he’ll come back with his show before Diwali or after Diwali. To this, Kapil replied, “Aas paas hi samjho.. dates r not finalized yet.. will let u know soon.”

Well, are you excited for his comeback?

Recently, Bharti Singh revealed that Kapil ‘s health was not good and that is why he took such a long break. And now, he is taking good care of his health and will make a comeback soon. She said, “I am very much in touch with Kapil Sharma, I always was! Kehte hai na bura samay hamesha ke liye nahi rehta and raat bhi chali jaati, so ab Kapil Sharma ki bhi subah aa gayi hai.”

She further told, “He is working on a lot of things and bahut jaldi he will be back and I am sure I too will be a part of that. When that problem with Kapil had happened, I did call him and he told me that he just wanted to stay alone for some time and I respected his decision at that time. He told me that he will make a comeback.”

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