Alia Bhatt gets trolled for BTS collab tweets, Army gives out a warning for the actress

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Published by Swathy S on 14 Aug 2021

BTS ARMY gets so serious when it comes to the boys. One blunder from anyone can create ruckus on social media platforms. The BTS members introduced the new campaign of Samsung as they are the brand ambassadors of the company. There has been a lot of talk around the advertisement as SUGA has made his own version of the iconic Samsung ringtone.

Alia Bhatt had also joined in unveiling the new phone of Samsung in India in which the actress tweeted about a great collaboration. The problem was that in her first tweet, Alia mentioned about BTS and Butter. The chartbuster featuring the septet was used in the commercial. The netizens thought about what was the need of mentioning BTS as it was not a direct collaboration between the BTS and Alia Bhatt. Even though, both are the faces of the same company. Alia Bhatt was also trolled on social media for her post.

One of the Twitter users reacted to Alia’s post and wrote “Ok so this means alia doing collab with Samsung, right? Not the other way around omg I’m scared” while another commented “so you’re in the competition now for the concert seats?”.

This isn’t the first time as Ananya Panday was also trolled when some of her fans made fun of BTS on social media.

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