Alia shared a “like mother, like cat” picture of herself cuddling her kitty

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Many people have the special bond with various animals and cats, dogs and rabbits are most common. Like people from all walks of life, Bollywood celebrities too are proud parents of their pets. Here is Raazi actress Alia Bhatt who feels comfortable with her pet kitty cat.

Alia is also one of the few cat owners in the industry. Her Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her cat. With her Kitty, Alia Bhatt is a proud pet parent from the Bollywood fraternity.

The actress took to social media recently to share a super cute picture with her cat. It seems that the actor is making the most of her break, chilling and cuddling around with her pet. The picture shows each Alia and her pet nestled along on the bed. The actor is giving us some major happy vibes as her appearance so content together with her sister’s book and her cat by her aspect. She might be seen donning a white and blue floral outfit whereas choosing a no-makeup look. 

When asked the role player concerning, she said, “I love to show him off. I’m super personal with my social media accounts, especially Instagram, so I love showing people how cute he is. I mean, look how cute! My friends say I’m a little crazy as at times I actually just sit and keep looking at him. But that’s because I love him so much. He’s my baby, and what’s wrong with being obsessed with your own baby?”

Published by Lokendra Sharma on 19 Nov 2019

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