A look alike of Amitabh Bachchan was spotted spreading happiness to COVID-19 patients

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Published by Nitisha Das on 10 Jun 2021

Who said look-alikes and doppelgangers are not more than imposters? When it comes to mimicking and posing like their lookalikes celebs, these people know how to bend the toe and get the audience cracking. However, the look-alike of Big B Amitabh Bachchan, who goes by the name, Shashikant Pedwal is making the best use of his gifts as a celeb doppelganger.

The man uses the weapon of his mimicry and stand-up comedy to cheer up the bedridden COVID-19 patients under treatment and giving them the time of their lives. He was seen using the mode of virtual interaction to boost enthusiasm in the minds and souls of these patients. Being a teacher for life, Pedwal has been impersonating Big B for the last 12 years, doing major stand-up shows and comedies.


Pedwal uses this cause to help COVID-19 patients to get out of depression and anxiety, however, the journey was not so easy as maximum hospitals denied the executive plan. Expressing his delight Pedwal said, “I then decided to go to the staffers to help me connect with the patients and also needed them to record the sessions.”

Apart from being a comedian, Pedwal is also a philanthropist helping people around the nation. He reveals, “I needed to do this and mind you I do this for free and it is my duty towards the society. If I can help anyone person and help him or her come out of the situation, my purpose is served. Yeh samay dua kamane ka hai.”

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