We wish you an amazing birthday Sushil Kumar. Things that will make you even more proud of him after knowing

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 20 May 2019

Sushil Kumar who represents India in freestyle wrestling is celebrating his 36th birthday today. Sushil Kumar was born into a Jat family, near Najafgardh in South West Delhi. Sushil Kumar took up wrestling because he was highly inspired by his father and his cousin Sandeep. It is said that his cousin stopped wrestling just to train Sushil as the family could only support one wrestler in the house. With poor facilities and minimal funds, his family always took care of him sending him fresh vegetables and pure ghee and other necessary supplements. Sushil Kumar is a strict athlete who follows his routine strictly and is a strict vegetarian.

Here are things that will make you proud of him:

He has nothing left to win in wrestling. He won it all. He participated in every major wrestling tournament and won something. He started at the age of 18 and since then there is no turning back.


He was approached by a liquor brand for their advertisement but he refused as he is strictly against all of these things and he follows his principles throughout. He is a very disciplined man, in professional as well as personal life.


He took just 10 seconds to beat an opponent in Commonwealth Games 2010. The opponent against him was Famara Jarjou of Gambia but he took his opponent by surprise by performing with his smart moves and clinical style. Right from the start, he had him and in the end, he pinned him down in 9 seconds. It remains one of his most famous victories of all time for the wrestler and a moment to remember in the wrestling world.


He is an employee with the Indian Railways. His victories increased the reputation of the organization always.


He did not have any sponsors prior to his amazing effort he showed in Beijing Olympics. Sushil Kumar won a Bronze and therefore he achieved all of the things he has now merely with his talent and his hard work and love for the sport. 


Happy Birthday to this amazing athlete and an even amazing human being!


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