Big B criticized for burning crackers and breaking the orders given by Supreme Court

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Published by Isha Kataria on 10 Nov 2018

Crackers are a major threat to the quality of air that we all breathe in. The megastar Amitabh Bachchan got bashed after he shared family pictures of their Diwali celebrations. In the pictures Amitabh Bachchan was seen along with Jaya  Bachchan, Abhishek, Aishwarya, and Aaradhya can be seen burning sparklers and it did not go well for many. Many of the Bollywood celebs appealed for a pollution free Diwali and people were very much disappointed by Big B as he was disobeying the order of Supreme Court.

Several people also pointed that he was not disobeying the order of Supreme Court as he has burnt sparkler and burst crackers during the given time period.

This time the nation chose to celebrate the festival of lights thinking about the environment with cracker free Diwali. It was expected that their favorite B-Town celebs to pledge for a pollution-free festival.

The megastar was captured while his family was enjoying burning phuljaris. Their fans criticized him for not contributing to a pollution free environment.

One of the users commented, “Burning crackers this Diwali. Not cool at all.” Another wrote, “Please stop using crackers… not even a single phuljadi.” Many of the citizens including his fans posted comments in form of a request whereas some were angry.

The pollution level in several cities in India has reached a dangerous level. We all know about the harmful effect of cracker. It leads to a severe pollution which even can cause us something hazardous. Several schools ran programmes to make the children understand the problems arising out of crackers.

Meanwhile, when everyone was talking about celebrating a cracker free Diwali to avoid contributing to the already polluted environment, fans expected the same from the B-Town stars, especial the ones they look up to. But Big B didn’t stand up to his fans expectations.





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