Amul Takes Jibe At Constant Fuel Hike & It Becomes A Hit Online

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 20 Feb 2021

It appears like even the cutesy Amul girl gets unhappy with the increasing rates of fuel in the Indian market, with the rates of the petrol hitting above Rs 100 per litre in some of the states! In its recent topical, Amul mocked the flying prices of petrol, with a cartoon on ‘painful’ that can be read as, ‘painfuel increase’.

The Amul girl can be witnessed looking concerned at the “sharply increasing” rates of fuel. The netizens also praised and liked the new Amul topical a lot that their page is currently trending on the micro blogging site. Amul topical is bagging comical responses from Twitter users.

Amidst growing fuel rates for 12th successive day across the nation, Amul came up with this cartoon. The caricature has the Amul girl filling up her car’s fuel tank in a worried look.

Net users just loved the dairy brand’s special take on the fuel price increase. Take a look at some of the responses.

The tweet has garnered more than 6,800 likes and more than 2,000 retweets. Netizens just loved Amul for standing up for the common man.

One user said, “der aaye durust aaye.” Another user wrote, “Wah. Standing for common man!” A third user said, “Finally! Amul came out with much-needed message!”

There are a number of comments, remarks, and funny responses on the same. The netizens have praised the India’s well known company ‘Amul’ for taking common man’s side.

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