Anjali Tatrari had a lot of fun filming bachelorette on MDKD with Shweta Tiwari

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As the filming of TV shows has resumed, there are more and more people getting excited about the upcoming twists and turns in the shows. While somewhere there is a new obstacle in the happiness, there are other shows that are taking happier turns. One of such shows is Mere Dad Ki Dulhaniya. After a long time of little and big turfs, we are seeing a happy turn in the story line.

Amber (played by Varun Badola) and Guneet (played by Shweta Tiwari) are finally getting married and making their relationship official. Whereas Niya, Amber’s daughter (played by Anjali Tatrari) is more excited than the both of them and is giving her best to make this the best wedding celebration ever.

After the memorable Roka ceremony we saw on the show, Niya, who is also the official wedding planner for AmNeet wedding, has something special planned. Niya has a surprise planned for Guneet and her friends.

As this is the first wedding of Guneet, Niya is ready to throw an epic ‘Bachelorette Party’ for her. Niya wants to make sure she leaves no stone unturned in making the bride-to-be happy and Guneet and her friends seem to have great time at the bachelorette.

Talking about this, Anjali shared how her character Niya wants to do everything she can in her capacity to make #Amneet a memorable event for the much-in-love couple. She pointed out how the special moments with your girls are among the most cherished moments for a bride to be and that’s why the party.

Anjali talked about how filming the bachelorette sequence was fun with Shweta Tiwari and how they had fun and didn’t feel like it was work. Talking about the show, it has now won the audiences’ hearts with its sweet and entertaining storyline and will see an exciting and fun track.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 17 Sep 2020

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