Anup Jalota Makes A Shocking Revelation, Says He Suffered Financial Losses Due To BB12

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 04 Nov 2018

Bhajan singer Anup Jalota gained maximum attention with his stint in Bigg Boss 12 when he entered the show as a vichitra jodi along with Jasleen Matharu. While during the show, Anup and Jasleen’s love relationship gained maximum limelight and became a major topic of discussion, but Anup is still grabbing eyeballs even after his eviction.

Firstly, he revealed that he and Jasleen were never in a love relationship. They were a guru-shishya jodi. This took everyone by surprise as their onscreen chemistry in the show said something else. However, Jasleen, when heard about this, was very upset as she has a completely different story to tell.

And now, Anup is again making headlines for his next shocking revelation. Anup said that he faced financial losses because of Bigg Boss.

The famous singer who went on Rajat Sharma’s show On Aap Ki Adalat went on to reveal that he faced financial losses because of the show. He also further asked the viewers to not think of him as a saint just because he sings bhajans. Anup has also sung several Bhojpuri and Bollywood songs apart from Bhajans.

Anup and Jasleen’s closeness in the show is well-known to the entire nation and now all of a sudden Anup completely denying the fact that his and Jasleen’s relationship is that of like a father-daughter leaves a lot of questions among the fans.

They also went on a romantic date set by Bigg Boss on the show. Not just this, Jasleen also kissed Anup on the national television and calling it a fatherly kiss, Anup set the records straight that Jasleen is like his daughter. He further went on to say that he would like to do her Kanyaadaan.

Well, this proves that celebs can stoop to any level to grab the limelight and just for mere fun and entertainment.



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