Anupam Kher says his biopic will be a Blockbuster, full of drama, romance, failure, success

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 09 Aug 2019

It has been 35 years since Saaransh when Anupam Kher made his debut. Since then the actor has given some stunning performances.

“What separates me from everyone else is that I still have sense of wonder. When I do this interview from the 30th floor of my building in USA, I wonder, ‘is he the same small boy from Shimla?’ I measure all my achievements by that standard,” he says.

Speaking about the time since Saaransh released Anupam said, “I  will summarise it only after 30 years, not right now because I have just reached the interval of my life. I have plenty to gain and lots to learn. I’ve just come to understand what acting and life is all about. So, the time to give my best is now. All these years, I have tried to find a firm foothold.”

When asked how he has always continued such stunning performances, he said, “It’s not tough at all. You just have to decide to be happy and then practice it for a few months. Then, troubles will seem less troubling. It’s not that I haven’t had any ups-and-downs in my life or that I am immune to depression.”

When asked about What’s the most important lesson life taught him Anupam said, “Never take yourself seriously! As we grow, we start taking ourselves seriously. There is a very popular saying, ‘if you want God to laugh, tell him your plans’. We keep planning our life but life is all about living, not adjusting. The biggest lesson that I learnt from my father was that ‘failure is an event, never a person’.

Speaking about his plans of his biography Anupam said, “I feel it will be the biggest blockbuster (laughs). But I haven’t thought about it. I feel a biopic has to be inspirational and my life is full of drama, romance, comedy, failure, motivation, success and failure again followed by success. I’ve lived and continue to live my fully.”

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