Anupam Kher talks about not owning an apartment in Mumbai; rented life experience

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Published by Bhavya Shah on 30 Aug 2021

Anupam Kher recently revealed that he’s been living in a rented apartment, in Mumbai. When asked about this, he said that he doesn’t wish to purchase any property at all, let alone in Mumbai, for the past 4-5 years. The only property he’s bought was one in Shimla, that too for his mother, Dulari Kher. Kher was totally nonchalant about not owning a property in Mumbai. And he doesn’t plan to.

His mother, Dulari Kher, always wanted to own a house in Shimla. She had her eyes set on a particular one in the suburb of Shoghi. The house in picture is a small one, which can be entered from the outside. It happens to be a part of a huge nine-bedroom property.

Anupam, quite the momma’s boy, wanted to give his mother something extraordinary. He had a little chat with the owner, asking him if he’d mind selling the whole house. The owner was ready to sell it. And of course, Anupam decided to buy it. While showing it to his mother, he also showed the other rooms, and she casually commented that they were nice. This is exactly when he chose to tell her that he’d bought the whole house.

Although she did reprimand him for buying so big a house, she loved it.

Anupam just finished shooting for Shiv Shastri Balboa. The film also stars Neena Gupta.

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