Anushka Sharma’s Latest Pic Evokes Discussion About Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 12 Feb 2021

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli welcomed their baby girl on January 11. The happy parents have been sharing pics and videos ever since they got blessed with a baby girl. But, one photo post Anushka’s delivery has made net users speculating about the ‘BIG’ question.

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“How did Anushka manage to lose all the pregnancy weight?”

After checking some of the forums where new mommies converse all the “new mom” things, this are the most popular queries. How did you shed extra body weight? What was your postpartum diet” What was your post-delivery weight loss like? How you shed so much weight?

There are no special guidelines. Yes, giving birth to a baby is the single loveliest thing human body can go through, but even at the moment, why is pregnancy weight has become such a big debate all over the internet?

Anushka Sharma shared her image and the fan and followers in the comments box started discussing her body weight.

“Were you even pregnant?” someone commented.

Recall the time when Bebo was pregnant with her first baby and she attended the talk show Koffee With Karan during her final trimester? A lot of people shared the comments on the weight gain and give a round of applause for her “confidence” for appearing on national television.

Even today, as she is about to all set to welcome her second baby, Bebo doesn’t give two hoots about pregnancy weight gain. She makes appearances for media people, ads, and other projects. She is still acing the game with her pregnancy looks.

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The majority of females put on body weight when they get pregnant, in fact, it’s good to put on weight is what the medics will convey to you. Fat storage is wanted to prepare for delivery and the body preserves water, fluids more than usual.

People are not only praising Anushka but they are also in awe of Kalki Koechlin as well. Soon after she gave birth to her baby, the actor shared an image of her getting back to her fitness routine and people on social media thought that was the opportune moment to ask her about her “flat belly” post-childbirth.

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