Arbaaz Khan is upset when Giorgia Andriani is addressed as his girlfriend or bae, says “she should be treated as an individual”

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Published by Sagarika Patil on 22 Jul 2021

Arbaaz Khan has revealed his feeling behind people calling Giorgia Andriani his ‘girlfriend’ or ‘bae’. He said that now people should stop referring her in that manner. She has an identity of her own. Giorgia Andriani is an Italian actor and dancer and has been dating Arbaaz Khan for a long time now.

During an interview, Arbaaz Khan said that now the whole world knows Giorgia and she posses an identity of her own. Certain individuals should stop addressing her as his girlfriend.

Talking to Bollywood Bubble Arbaaz said, “First and foremost, she should be treated as an individual. It’s very unfortunate, and I’m not going to name those influencers who constantly write ‘Arbaaz Khan’s bae’. She has an identity. You can’t keep calling her ‘Arbaaz Khan’s girlfriend’ or ‘Arbaaz Khan’s bae’. You shouldn’t be doing that. That isn’t her ‘claim to fame. She just happens to be present in my life, and fair enough, but that’s not her identity.

It’s like when you write about me and call me ‘Salim Khan’s son’ or ‘Salman Khan’s brother’. Why? Why would you do that beyond a point? Everybody has to be given their own space and identity. And she would like that”, he added.

Arbaaz also added saying, “the ‘whole world’ knows who she is, so it is unnecessary to attach his name to her, she doesn’t feel ‘bad’ about it because she’s ’embarrassed’ to be his girlfriend, but because she wants to be known for who she is”. Arbaaz was married to Malaika Arora in 1998 and got divorced in 2017.

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