Arjun Kapoor asks Jacqueline Fernandes to leave his van when gets offended for hilarious reason

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Published by Rashi Tiwari on 16 Sep 2021

The latest episode of his chat show, Bak Bak With Baba, Arjun Kapoor was joined by Jacqueline Fernandez, his Bhoot Police co-star. When she said she didn’t do emotional eating, he was irritated and joked that she should leave his vanity truck.

Arjun questioned about Jacqueline’s first crush. She said that there was a boy at school, but she didn’t say who he was.  she continued, “However, after seeing Romeo and Juliet and Titanic, I had a tremendous crush on Leonardo DiCaprio and Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys,”

Jacqueline was also asked to give the name of the last person she contacted, which she revealed was Arjun, to whom she sent a GIF. Her mother, the man who edits her films, and her siblings were all on her list. “We understand it, you are having a pretty kosher life,” Arjun said Jacqueline, who was ‘hoping for some gossip.’

Arjun then asked Jacqueline to pick a meal that she enjoys when she is happy and avoids when she is upset. She claims that she just eats to gain energy. She responded no when he introduced the concept of emotional eating to her and asked if food had any meaning for her in that way.


Please leave my van,” Arjun told Jacqueline, pretending to take offence at her answer. “It was fun while it lasted but toodles,” he added

Jacqueline stated that she enjoys ‘celebrating’ with food. “There was a moment in my 20s when I did turn to food and it was late at night,” she remarked when asked if she ever sought solace in food when she was depressed. Because I was single, She preferred cake, ice cream, and anything crunchy. She used to have a terrible relationship with food, and then I went a week without eating, which is quite unhealthy. So now it’s just a matter of understanding that I don’t have to turn to it; tomorrow is a new day, and we’ll get through it.”






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