Arshi Khan’s fan “kisses” her violating personal boundaries at the Mumbai Airport

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Fan kisses Arshi Khan at Mumbai airport without consent, leaving her startled!

Bollywood star, Arshi Khan, infamous for her appearance in Bigg Boss, was leaving the Mumbai airport on Monday when a fan approached her, asking for a selfie. After agreeing to it, the reality star was busy talking to the press, when the same guy took her hand and kissed it, without any consent from the star. Arshi was clearly taken aback, unsure of how to react, and decided to flee as soon as possible.

Source: Instagram/Viral Bhayani

The fan clearly crossed personal boundaries, and this act cannot be viewed as one of ‘appreciation’ and ‘love for the star’. The event must not be dismissed as insignificant. The general public never misses a chance to criticize celebrities for their “attitude” and their denial to comply with fans and paparazzi’s demands for pictures, but how can they expect compliance when fans such as this one have the audacity to touch a woman without consent! Whether or not the interaction is sexual, or even physical for that matter, consent is very necessary and one needs to respect boundaries, and this goes for all genders.

Published by Diya Khetrapal on 20 Apr 2021

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