Aryan Khan has turned ‘quieter’ and has little desire in going out or meeting friends post his arrest

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Published by Jayanti Poddar on 09 Nov 2021

After being released from prison, Aryan Khan has become ‘quieter;’ has little desire in going out or meeting new people, reveals a close friend

When Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri’s son Aryan spent 25 days in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Prison, it was the most horrific time of their life. On October 28, 2021, he was granted bail, much to the relief of everyone. However, intimate Khan family friends claim that the tragedy has left Aryan Khan damaged and that he has turned into a shell. It is known to people that Aryan Khan is an introvert. He isn’t a big talker. He has grown even more reserved since this incident.

According to a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan’s, Aryan Khan is quiet and keeps to himself. He appears to be cooped up in his room for the most part, with no desire to meet new people. Aryan Khan, who was previously quiet, has become much more so. It’s been a week since Aryan was released on bail, but he’s still ‘clammed up.’ It appears that his family does not press him to do things, allowing him to heal in peace. A number of stories from the prison were leaked to the press, including Aryan Khan’s claim that he needed to schedule meetings with his father on occasion. He also committed to work for the underprivileged segments of society, according to reports

On Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday, the Khan family went to his Alibaug home to spend some quality time together. Outside Mannat, a large audience had gathered, but Shah Rukh Khan did not appear for his traditional wave.

For the time being, the superstar has cancelled all of his scheduled shoots. He wants to always be there for Aryan. Shah Rukh Khan is keeping an eye on his son, who has been traumatised by the incident. Ravi Singh, Aryan Khan’s devoted assistant, joined him as he walked out of Arthur Road Prison. Singh, on the other hand, will be leaving soon for his shoots with Shah Rukh Khan. The superstar is most concerned about his son’s safety.

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