After Aseem Chhabra Wrote Biography Of Priyanka Chopra, Hence A Second Biography In The Line

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Published by Vaidehi Tendulakar on 12 Jul 2018

Priyanka Chopra ‘The Incredible Story of A Global Bollywood Star’, is the name of the biography written by Aseem Chhabra. The author of Shashi Kapoor: The Householder, The Star wrote a biography on Priyanka Chopra.

Bharathi S Pradhan’s Priyanka Chopra The Dark Horse has also released and now there are reports of Chopra’s own book of personal essays titled Unfinished. Well, the first who wrote aka Chhabra, said, “I was the only one writing a book on Priyanka Chopra and suddenly everybody else started writing.”

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Both, Incredible Story of A Global…and The Dark Horse are the unofficial biography. Chhabra further said, “I went through the process of talking to Anjula Acharya, who is her manager in the US and Priyanka’s team, as I set out to write this book. But after many, many messages and emails back and forth and conversations with her lawyers, I was told that she was doing a book of her own and her publishers had not allowed her to speak to another author.”

Chhabra in a talk with Peecee’s lawyer said, “I asked them whether this meant they’d disapprove of some things or suggest changes, and they said the latter. I spoke to my publishers and they agreed. But it all came down to the fact that eventually she wasn’t allowed to talk to me. So the plan for my book had to change.”

He further added, “At that time, she was shooting for the second season of Quantico and there was speculation about whether there would be a third season. But, already, there was a story to be told – of an Indian, top-of-the-rank Bollywood actress who had started out from a very small town, became Miss World and thereafter a big star in India and eventually crossed over to become a star in America. Nobody else had been able to achieve this the way she had.”

The biography written by him holds Priyanka’s childhood, her modelling career, Miss India and Miss World pageants and her key Hindi films and her career in America.

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