Asit Kumar Modi reacts to reports of Shailesh Lodha aka Tarak Mehta’s withdrawal from the show TMKOC

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Published by Aakash Khuman on 19 May 2022

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is India’s longest-running comedy-drama, and Shailesh Lodha is most known for his role as Taarak Mehta, a real-life Gujarati columnist who appeared in the show. However, throughout the duration of the last several weeks, there have been rumors that Shailesh Lodha has left the popular show. Asit Modi, the show’s producer, has finally said something about the many rumors that have been going around.

The poet-turned-actor is said to have asked to be written out of the show, according to sources, but he told The Times of India that he was “not aware of the same.” However, the group was doing all in its power to convince him to remain.

Asit Modi said that he was not aware of any such movement and said that he was solely focused on increasing the quality of the show and making it more enjoyable.

At this point, each and every one of my performers has been active in the industry for more than ten years. That Shailesh wants to leave the show is not something that has been brought to my attention, nor is it something that I am aware of. In the event that there is any new information, you may count on me to discuss it. As it is, I am concentrating on ways in which we can make the program more enjoyable for the audience, as Asit Modi said in an interview with ETimes.

Recently, Shailesh Lodha uploaded a photo on Instagram, and his followers immediately swamped the comments section with messages that said, “Don’t leave the show, sir, 🙏🏻.”

Earlier, a source had said to that “Shailesh believes that his character has been lost amid the ensemble.” Despite the fact that he gave his dates, there is not much further that he can do. In addition to this, now that the pandemic has passed, his Kavi Sammelans have resumed, and he has a lot of work to do. He has only recently let the production company know that he does not want to continue working there. Now that he has decided to resign, Shailesh is no longer appearing for shoots.

In addition to this, the source said that the actors’ contracts are highly binding, making it very difficult for them to leave the show. “Shailesh could be unhappy because he is not being noticed, and he might have other promising opportunities, but resigning is never the answer to a problem like this. While filming for the show, Shailesh is attempting to find a middle ground with the other side so that he may take time off for his poetry performances while he is still being paid for his work on the show. According to the source, everyone is optimistic that the situation will be resolved in a positive way.

The news that the actor who portrayed Dayaben on India’s longest-running comedy, Disha Vakani, decided to leave the show in 2017 after giving birth to a daughter, also created headlines about the show. There has not been a new actor cast in the role as of yet.

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