‘Badhai Ho!’ Neena Gupta won her first ever Filmfare Award.

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 30 Mar 2019

Neena Gupta is one of the oldest names we hear in Bollywood. He recent film ‘Badhai Ho’ has been Super hit according to its Box office collection. The film had a huge buzz among the fans. And just a few days back Neena Gupta had received her first ever Filmfare award, and so did her co-star Gajraj Rao for their extraordinary performances in the film.

Neena Gupta posed with the Black lady in her hands and posted a picture saying, “Mera pehla @filmfare award for #BadhaaiHo”

Neena Gupta is an extremely talented actress. No matter what the role is and what her character is, she always seems to amaze the audience with her skills and her talent. But is it fair that after all her work and after everything that she has contributed to the Bollywood industry she gets her first national award now? It is a huge question on the industry. Back in 2017, she took social media as a platform to ask for work. YES! to ask for work. She wrote, “I live in Mumbai and working am a good actor looking for good parts to play”

The woman who proudly became a Single Mother back in the 1980s when it was a topic that society thought was bizarre to talk about. The National Award winner was asking for work. This is the sad reality of Bollywood apparently. Her daughter Masaba then posted a heartfelt message on her for her mother. It said, “ust the other day I was telling someone .. how I am never afraid/ shy to ask for work. Its obviously genetic. My mother put up this post on her instagram today. I mean,my 62yr old national award winning mother. She told me I must always work .. no matter what .. it keeps you from getting old…she told me they don’t write for women her age anymore … I don’t think anyone can replicate what she did for TV anymore.. she complains that she can’t do PR .. but says ‘I do good work,that’s my PR’.. time and again we’ve spoken about how whatever she asks for … in due time ,she gets… But that’s the magic of a pure heart. The universe just can’t refuse you… the only advice I have the guts to give her is.. don’t work with anyone who won’t respect you ,at this age , that’s the bare minimum & it’s a strange strange industry she’s in… the advice she gives me in return is..’whatever you do,free ka PR mat khaana,your only someone’s kid/wife/niece/sister for this long. Prove yourself. WORK. Walk the talk & fly “.

Our heart is filled with nothing but respect for Neena Gupta as she is never shy of asking for work and never backs down from working too hard. It was a well-deserved win for her. We congratulate her from the bottom of our hearts and hope to see more of her amazing work.

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