Badshah says Nora Fatehi’s “Pocha Lagana” isn’t a hook step, then falls on his back performing it

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Published by Aakash Khuman on 19 May 2022

Badshah made fun of Nora Fatehi’s dancing moves and mocked one of them by saying it looked like she was sweeping the floor. Lying down on the ground is a part of the hook step for Nora’s popular song “Garmi,” which she performed. On the dancing competition show, Dance Deewane Juniors, Badshah was giving his comments.

In a promotional video for Colors that was uploaded to Instagram and reposted by the channel’s account, Badshah might be heard stating, “Mera Ek manana hai ke Zameen par let ke Pocha lagaane ko hook steps nahi Keh sakte (I don’t consider sweeping the floor a hook step.)

In addition, Marzi Pestonji, another member of the judging panel, said, “Bhagwan Aisa kisi Dushman ko bhi na sunene ko mile (Hope no one gets to hear stuff like that)”.

After that, Nora said that she had a challenge for Badshah waiting for him. “Mai aaj ek challenge leke aayi hoon yaha pe (I came here with a challenge today). You are practicing my dancing moves here today since they are not difficult at all.”

The next thing that we get to watch is Badshah, Marzi, and Nora standing next to one another as they perform some of her hook steps. They listen to the songs performed by Kusu Kusu and Saki Saki, and they try out the hook steps for each of the songs. When Badshah and Marzi performed the backward bend while Saki Saki played and Nora did the hook step of the song, they ended up falling, which prompted the host, Karan Kundrra, to rush over to help them.

Even after all of the songs were through, Badshah was unable to stand up, and he stated, “Mujhe Ghar Jana hai (I want to go home),” indicating that he would not emerge stronger from this competition. “I believe Badshah now regrets having said “mopping the floors.” He must be wondering ‘why did I bring this upon myself?'” remarked Neetu Singh, who was also a member of the panel of judges. “I think Badshah now regrets having said ‘mopping the floors’.”

At the conclusion of the promotional video, Nora is shown standing as she instructs Badshah and Marzi to do her hook step from the song “Garmi,” which is quite famous.

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