Barun Sobti Birthday Special: The love story of Varun and Pashmeen will remind you of your school time

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 20 Aug 2019

Barun Sobti has a great fan following as Arnav from the popular television soap, Iss Pyar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon. But he has been a dedicated fan of his first girlfriend, whom he ended up choosing as his better-half. Name of that lucky girl is Pashmeen Manchanda.

The world of glamour could not overshadow his love for his wife. Their relationship has been one of those rare examples of true love. How the Cupid struck their hearts and how their romance is rather growing over the years, here we spill the beans of this beautiful relationship, on Barun’s 35th birthday.

Pashmeen used to study in a girl’s school. But as they say, ‘marriages are made in heaven,’ her destiny got her to a new co-ed school and this is where Barun used to study. They were studying in ninth standard when the couple first met each other.

Pretty Pashmeen used to be counted as one of the most desirable girls in the school. And Barun was one of the fans who used to find excuses to see her and talk to her. And gradually, they turned into good friends.

At times what closeness can’t do, distance does it with much ease. This is what happened with these two lovebirds. They used to feel that they are just close buddies, but only when Pashmeen had to leave for Australia for her graduation, the duo realised their love for each other. Instead of getting heartbroken, they decided to keep the flame of romance burning through a long-distance relationship.

Though it was very difficult to continue the relationship in long distance, this pair did it and that too for five long years. During one of his visits to Australia, while dining in a high-end restaurant, something very interesting or rather cute happened. Actually, Barun didn’t like the food he ordered for himself. By noticing this, Pashmeen exchanged her plate with him.

This small gesture by the pretty lady moved him greatly and he realised that it’s the time to propose her for marriage. The moment he popped the question, she agreed instantly. They have been living happily ever after since and were blessed with a baby girl earlier this year. We wish them all the happiness in the world. Also, Happy Birthday to Barun.

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