BB14 Oct 29 Highlights: Eijaz Turns New Captain; Eijaz-Kavita Argue

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Yesterday’s chapter of Bigg Boss 14 continued with the captaincy mission and competitors made many promises to turn out to be the prospective skipper of the house. Bigg Boss declared that the new captaincy task came to an end and asked Naina Singh whose bag was outside the red zone and she takes Eijaz Khan. Bigg Boss then declared Eijaz as the new captain of the house.

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Jasmin Bhasin told Shardul Pandit that she felt safe having Rahul Vaidya around and even got frightened during her sleep. Bigg Boss added a major twist as he made an announcement of the ‘Tabadla’ task. In the process, the red zone competitors and green zone participants have to be seated with their reverse sides against one another in a rotating chair and influence other participants on why they are worthy of switching to the green zone. Nikki and Kavita were put up against one another while Rahul Vaidya and Jasmin Bhasin have to confront each other.

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Kavita Kaushik shouted at Eijaz Khan when the skipper asked her to follow Bigg Boss house instructions. The FIR actor said that they don’t share any connection outside Bigg Boss house as they have never spent some time together and she is unacquainted with his features. She added that he claimed that she is his bestie so that he can win the game. She further added that owing to him people have biased ideas about her owing to which she is incapable of making links with anyone in the house.

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In the Tabadla mission, Nikki picked Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz saved Nikki and puts Kavita Kaushik in the red region.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 30 Oct 2020

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